Talking Mug



  • Exhibition information: international home + houseware show (Chicago, U.S.A.)
  • Exhibition information: Ambiente (Frankfurt, Germany)
a mug
your message


Send a message with a mug.
This is a new communication tool. “Talking Mug” debut!

For celebrating a birthday, expressing thanks, brand-new start, confessing your love, and encouraging someone, The words in the balloons keep reaching his or her hearts every time the mug is used. It’s the long-lasting way of expressing your feelings.

“Message x Mug” expresses your feelings.

Emails, Facebook, Twitter, and other instant messengers are now connecting young people. The mug to send a message is a perfect gift for such generation.

Talking Mug is ‘happy talking project’.

The coffee time with messages on the mug reminds you of someone who gave it.
Talking Mug raises the temperature of the earth’s heart little by little.

How can I send my “Thank you”...? Yes! Talking Mug!
Happy Talking Project

How to use

Words have no scent or shape.
But you know, when we talk,
The simple words that come out
End up becoming such a treasure.
The words keep ringing in my head,
Make me happy, every time.

When you want to send a 'Thank You', the Talking Mug is there.
To start off your today, the Talking Mug is there.
For a birthday fell, the Talking Mug is there.
To share with someone you love, the Talking Mug is there.
When you want energy, the Talking Mug is there.
For a brand new start, the Talking Mug is there.
When you have a broken heart, the Talking Mug is there.
Whne you're busy at work, the Talking Mug is there.

Who draw?

Ana Albero

Born in Alicante, Spain. She studied in Paris and Berlin, where she specialized in illustration. After graduating from the university, she has been active in Berlin. She works primarily in graphite and colored pencil, creating images inspired by old pictures and movies.

Yutanpo Shirane

An artist known for his pop-style, unique acrylic impasto painting. He produces illustrations for various types of media, including comic books, women's fashion magazines, teaching materials for children, advertisements, and CD jackets.

Kanako Ogawa

An individual illustrator since 2008. She creates unique works via a glass painting technique in which she draws motifs on the reverse side of clear film or glass.

Noriyuki Shirasu

The leader of, a creative group. He takes part in processes, spanning from product development to graphic design, in a three-dimensional fashion to tell a single story. His concept is narrative creation based on the importance of happy links between society and things, rather than just pleasant relationships between people and objects.


Happy birthday For celebrating a birthday

Thank you For expressing thanks

I love you For confessing your love

Cheer up For encouraging someone